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Criminal Law Specialist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Seppi is a Specialist in Criminal Law. He is ranked among the top 5% of criminal defense attorneys in the state of California and is one of only 70 hand-picked attorneys to hold the distinction as a Criminal Defense Specialist. This is a peer-reviewed specialization that requires positive input from judges and district attorneys proves that Esfandi is highly knowledgeable and effective in the criminal law field.

Esfandi graduated from the UCLA School of Law.  With his storied background in criminal law he has helped thousands of clients in a wide spectrum of criminal cases. Esfandi has worked for over seven years as a Deputy Public Defender for various California criminal law agencies. Esfandi has a wide range of experience litigating varying criminal cases, including but not limited to: drug charges, DUI, vehicular manslaughter, domestic violence, sexual offenses, juvenile cases, theft and larceny, fraud, weapons and gun charges, probation violations, and white collar crimes. Esfandi also has experience in slightly less common offenses, such as internet crimes, obstruction of justice, cruelty to children, child abandonment, child abuse, resisting arrest, hit and run, kidnapping, warrant-related cases, threatening phone calls, terrorist threats, and illegal search and seizure.

California State Bar

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Esfandi has a proven track record of successfully reducing or dismissing his clients charges. He is dedicated to his clients and works hard to ensure they are treated to the fair trial they deserve.

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