CA Penal Code 186.10

Money Laundering

Money Laundering in California

In California, it is illegal to conduct or attempt to conduct one or more transactions in a:

  1. Seven-day period with more than $5,000.00; or
  2. A thirty-day period with more than $25,000.00,

The transaction must be done through a bank, with criminal intent and knowledge that the money is derived from criminal activity in order for it to be considered money laundering.

Prosecuting California Penal Code 186.10

Punishment for violating 186.10 can be a year in jail and a $250,000.00 fine or twice the value of the property involved in the criminal transaction. Second violations can lead to a $500,000.00 fine or five times the value of the property involved in the criminal transaction. The prosecutor must prove:

  1. There was at least one transaction of the amount required;
  2. The transaction(s) occurred within the 7- or 30-day periods;
  3. You had specific intent to promote, manage, establish, carry on, or facilitate the promotion, management, establishment, or carrying on of criminal activity;
  4. You used a financial institution to perpetrate the crime; and
  5. You knew the money had been derived from criminal activity.

Money laundering is a very serious charge, and there are modifiers for the punishment an offender can receive depending on the amount of money laundered and the number of transactions entered into.

Jail time and fines may be increased greatly.

Defending Penal Code 186.10

Defending a charge of violating PC 186.10 requires an attorney willing to exhaust all options at his disposal.

For example, an attorney may try to show you were not involved in the transaction at issue, or that the transaction was not of the amount required or within the statutory period. Your attorney may also attempt to show you had no knowledge the money was involved in any criminal activity, and you had no intent to commit a crime or use money stemming from a crime.

Finally, it is required that you go through a financial institution to be convicted, so if an attorney can show there were no banks or other institutions involved, you cannot be convicted of money laundering.

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