Criminal Defense Attorney Fees: Why Such Disparities?
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After being arrested, you may find yourself going through the arduous tasks of hiring a criminal defense attorney. After contacting several, you may be asking yourself “How can some attorneys charge as little as $699 while others charge as much as $10,000?”

The answer is unsurprisingly the type of representation that you’ll receive. Attorneys who charge a fixed price typically don’t deliver the same type of representation that an attorney who charges each case independently will.

A skilled criminal defense attorney who charges more for their services works to have a client’s charges reduced or their case dropped altogether. Comparatively, a fixed cost attorney works with the prosecutor to come up with a plea bargain to have the case resolved quickly, but this resolution might not always be best for their client.

Because a skilled criminal defense attorney has more experience taking clients to trial and building cases they often charge more for their services. This experience leads to a greater level of confidence when going to trial and subsequently a better outcome for their clients. A skilled criminal defense attorney will gather the necessary evidence, information, witnesses, etc. to build a strong case and have the charges reduced by the prosecutor or go to trial in an attempt to prove a client’s innocence.

On the other hand, an unskilled attorney who charges a flat rate for their services will work with the prosecutor to establish a plea bargain. This plea bargain will take minimal effort and the result will come quickly, however, the result might not be ideal for the defendant.

An unskilled attorney doesn’t want to go to trial and the prosecutor knows that, this gives the prosecutor the upper hand when deciding the terms of the agreement. When a prosecutor determines the terms of the agreement the outcome is never beneficial for the defendant.

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