Los Angeles County

Glendale Jail

Address:131 N Isabel St, Glendale, CA 91206, USA, USA (google maps)
Website:Glendale City Jail
Visiting:Daily “Video Visits” (1:00pm – 4:00pm)
Capacity:96 inmates
Search:Inmate Locator

The Glendale City Jail is the third busiest municipal jail in the county of Los Angeles. Approximately 500-700 persons are booked into the jail each month.

You can obtain information about persons who have been arrested in Glendale, California, by calling the Glendale Jail at 818-548-3124.

JAIL MAILING ADDRESS (after arraignment):

Terminal Annex
P.O. Box 86164
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164


All visitations are done via video. For further instructions on visitation, please view the INMATE VISITATION REGULATIONS PAGE

Please note all visitors are subject to a search of their person and property.


It’s important to note that this location is only a temporary holding jail for arrestees until their first court date.

They also have a “pay to stay” program from inmates serving time who do not want to stay in the LA County jail system. For more information on the “Pay to Stay” program, please see the bottom of this page: Glendale Jail Pay-to-Stay Weekender Program.


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