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At the Law Offices of Seppi Esfandi we fight for our clients right to defend themselves, and provide vigorous, personalized, and highly effective representation. With our highly effective advocacy, experience, and expertise, you will have the edge to win your case, or receive a favorable resolution, ideally with NO JAIL TIME.

Mr. Esfandi was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from the highly praised UCLA School of Law. He has over 18 years experience defending a broad spectrum of DUI related crimes including:

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Close and Personal Attention

Being arrested for a DUI or a related offense can be emotionally traumatic and financially taxing. Knowing this, Seppi Esfandi places your needs first, and guides you through your legal proceedings personally and compassionately. When working with Seppi Esfandi you will always know the details of your case and have the opportunity to express your side of the story. Seppi Esfandi will take a personal investment in your case and work tirelessly to ensure the best outcome.

Long-Standing Relationship with Judges and DA’s

Seppi Esfandi has over 13 years of experience practicing Criminal Law in the Los Angeles area. Through these years of servitude he has established strong relationships with numerous prosecutors and distract attorneys. These relationships allow for a clear channel of communication when discussing a client’s character, these relationships can be very beneficial for DUI cases.

DMV Hearing

The DMV hearing is an extremely important element of a DUI charge. This hearing pertains solely to, if, or, for how long your driving privileges will be suspended. Seppi Esfandi has ample experience in DMV hearings and knows the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure that your driving privileges are minimally affected.

Early Intervention Expert

Early intervention refers to the time between a defendant being arrested and their charges being filed. Seppi Esfandi is a expert at contacting the prosecuting agency and convincing them that there is insufficient evidence to successfully prosecute. On a rare occasion with DUI cases, the arresting agency may not follow protocol during the arrest which can lead to case dismissal prior to it being filed. By utilizing an early intervention expert, like Seppi Esfandi, it’s possible to have a case dismissed without any effect on one’s criminal record.

Free Consultation

If you have recently been arrested for a DUI or related offense, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free, no-obligation consultation with Seppi Esfandi. During your call, Mr. Esfandi will hear the details of the case and advise you on the best approach to defend yourself. If you wish, a consultation in our office can be promptly scheduled.

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