Announcing 2021 Seppi Esfandi Law Scholarships ($2000)

January 15, 2021 by Seppi Esfandi in Scholarship  Seppi Esfandi  
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2021 Seppi Esfandi Law Scholarships

School is difficult enough without having to worry about finances, that’s why we’ve created a fairly simple scholarship opportunity for all US law students. This year we are splitting the $2000 total among two winners, for $1000 each.

Esfandi Law Firm proudly announces The Seppi Esfandi Law Scholarship, a nationwide private scholarship offered to one law student located in the United States of America.

This year we are splitting the $2000 total among two winners, for $1000 each.

This scholarship is an annual scholarship with a deadline of September 19th, 2021, just before the beginning of the Fall Semester. The recipients of the scholarship will be announced by October 4th, 2021 and the money will be distributed very shortly thereafter.

Please visit the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PAGE for more information.

Best of luck to all of those who apply, we look forward to your essays!

2017 Scholarship Recipient

Recipient: Misty D. Gaubatz

Essay: Domestic Violence

Selected by Scholarship Committee: $1,050

Law School: University of Montana

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Lara S.
December 3, 2019
Seppi had my case reduced to just an infraction, and thanks to him I was able to keep my job. Jorge was extremely helpful too, the reason I went with this law firm. Overall pleased.

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  2. Do not discuss your case with anyone
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  4. Tell police you need to contact your attorney
  5. Never consent to any search by the police
  6. If the police knock on your door, don't answer!
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  9. Information on your cell phone is evidence
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