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Getting charged with a DUI is a serious matter. Glendale is particularly strict when it comes to charging drivers driving under the influence making DUI’s one of the most commonly charged criminal offenses in Glendale. Every year Glendale records over 900 DUI arrests.

Getting convicted for a DUI in Glendale can have a huge negative impact on your life. From hefty fines, losing your license to jail time. Furthermore, since a DUI conviction in Glendale stays on your permanent record, you may face other negative effects, such as not being able to get your dream job or getting inexpensive insurance.

It is exactly for this reason why you need to ensure that you get a top-rated, affordable, Glendale DUI defense lawyer to defend you if you get charged with a DUI. A Glendale DUI lawyer is your best line of defense to ensure you do not get convicted or lose your license due to a Glendale DUI charge.

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How Do You Get A DUI Charge in Glendale?

The main way you get charged for a DUI in Glendale is if you are arrested by an officer from the Glendale Police Department. There are two ways you can be arrested by the Glendale Police Department for a DUI. Either through Glendale DUI checkpoints, which have become a particular favorite tool for the Glendale Police Department to catch drunk drivers. Or you happen to be pulled over by an officer from the Glendale Police Department or the California Highway Patrol, who finds probable cause to believe that the driver is under influence of either alcohol or drugs.

One thing you should note about being pulled over by a Glendale police officer is that they need probable cause to pull you over. If they do not, your DUI defense attorney can use this to get your charges dropped or dismissed.

Once you are arrested in Glendale for DUI charges, normally you will be taken to the Glendale City Jail, to be booked. Once you are booked, your license will be confiscated and replaced with a temporary one intended to last a month. This is usually the best time for you to get into contact with a competent Glendale DUI defense lawyer, as this is where your DUI case begins, and you want to ensure you have someone who understands the ins and outs of the Glendale DUI process to help you.

What we offer:

  • A consistent track record of results
  • Defense by a top-rated Criminal Law Expert
  • Over 21 years of legal experience
  • Aggressive, creative & effective defense strategies
  • Constant Communication and Availability
  • Affordability

How Will a Glendale DUI Defense Lawyer Help You?

A Glendale DUI case is a complex and hectic process to go through. Choosing to plead guilty, represent yourself or let a public defendant represent can be a tempting option, but it is not the best one. A Glendale defense attorney is the best person to have by your side as they will do everything and anything they can to help get your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced.

Here are key essential parts that a DUI attorney can help you with:

The Arraignment Hearing – This short trial usually occurs at the Glendale courthouse, and will determine whether you will get charged or not. The arraignment is the perfect time for your Glendale DUI defense lawyer to get your charges dropped, which is why it is necessary to have one by your side.

The DMV Administrative Hearing – Once you get arrested for a DUI charge and your license is taken away, automatically you are on a deadline. One fact some people may not know, is you have 10 days to ask for a hearing or the DMV will automatically suspend your license. However, a top-rated Glendale DUI attorney will ensure that your hearing is requested and fight for you to ensure you do not get your license suspended.

The Trial – Our Glendale DUI lawyers will usually do everything they can to ensure that you never have to go to trial but even if you do, they will carefully go through all evidence presented to ensure they can get your charges dismissed or get your charges reduced to reckless driving.

Here are three things a DUI defense attorney can do to your charges:

  1. Have them dropped – Now, while this is not easy to do, in some cases, your DUI defense lawyer may be able to get your DUI charges dropped before you even get to trial. They make this possible by getting key evidence thrown out. Since the burden of proof falls on the prosecutor, if the key evidence is thrown out, there is no case.
  2. Have them dismissed – Your DUI defense attorney can get the case dismissed by finding flaws the prosecutor has during the trial. If your DUI lawyer can discredit the evidence enough, they can ask the judge to dismiss the case.
  3. Have them reduced – While this is usually the last resort for your DUI defense lawyer, they can help you negotiate a bargain that will help get your DUI charges reduced.

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Thus if you, a relative or a friend, are looking down the barrel of a DUI charge, do not wait to contact a top-rated Glendale DUI defense lawyer to defend your case.


Early Intervention

One of Mr. Esfandi’s specialties is early intervention. Early intervention refers to the time between a defendant being arrested and their charges being filed. Seppi Esfandi is an expert criminal defense lawyer at contacting the prosecuting agency and convincing them that there is insufficient evidence to successfully prosecute. By utilizing an early intervention expert it’s possible to have a case dismissed without any effect on one’s criminal record.

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How to Win Your Case

We cannot stress enough that you read, understand and follow these 10 basic rules if you are criminally charged or under investigation:

  1. Don’t ever talk to the police
  2. Do not discuss your case with anyone
  3. Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential
  4. Tell police you need to contact your attorney
  5. Never consent to any search by the police
  6. If the police knock on your door, don't answer!
  7. Realize the consequences of a criminal conviction
  8. Your lawyer (not you) will contact any witnesses
  9. Information on your cell phone is evidence
  10. Early Intervention is the key

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