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How to Defend Yourself against Jugging Crimes

April 25, 2023 by Anastasiia Ponomarova in Special Report  
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How to Protect from Getting ‘Jugged’

Prospective targets of robbery or burglary are not limited to a specific profile; individuals who make transactions or utilize banking establishments can risk being observed by perpetrators who, whilst employing vehicular concealment, take out potential targets that appear to be carrying money. Once their victim reaches a vulnerable point, the perpetrators strike and rob them.

Criminals often select individuals transporting bank bags, bank envelopes, and coin boxes as their potential targets. According to authorities, ‘Juggers’ are known to trail bank customers until they exit the premises and journey towards adjacent commercial establishments.

If patrons do not leave their currency unaccompanied, the individuals engaging in jugging will attempt to target an alternative customer. It is imperative to remain cautious as there have been occurrences where members of the juggers may target unsuspecting individuals in an attempt to obtain their funds forcibly.

What to Observe Before Leaving a Facility:

  • A vehicle that shifts from one parking space to another.
  • The passengers in the car never entered the structure.
  • Vehicles with multiple occupants.
  • Vehicles with dark windows. They make it difficult to see inside.

This works best if you survey your surroundings before entering the facility and then confirm it afterward.

Recommendations for Protecting Yourself against Juggers

  • Check if someone in the bank lobby or parking lot doesn’t seem to have anything to do.
  • While you are at the bank, try not to lose focus. Don’t use your phone or wear earbuds when doing something important.
  • Look behind to see if any cars are coming after you when you leave the parking lot, and make sure no one is following you.
  • Don’t use a small zipper cash bag or bank envelope when you get money at the counter. Instead, put it in another type of bag before you leave.
  • Make sure to close your car doors and lock them before you start driving.
  • Don’t keep a lot of money in your car.
  • If you think someone from a bank has been following you for a while, call 911 or go to the closest police, fire or medic station.
  • Talk to the security people at your bank and ask if they can help you if you want to withdraw lots of money. Also, ask them for tips to keep you safe while taking out a considerable amount of cash.
  • If you have a trailer and want your trailer and things to stay safe, the police advise keeping it in a fenced area that can be locked and put a lock on the trailer itself. Police say it’s a good idea to put the trailer’s identification number in multiple spots and write down where it is. The police say there’s still a risk of someone taking your trailer, even if it’s connected to your vehicle. They suggest doing everything possible to make sure it doesn’t get stolen. Police have difficulty finding stolen trailers, but taking pictures can aid their identification.
  • You should always be ready to keep yourself safe. When someone is trying to harm you, defending yourself may be your only choice to stay safe. It’s safer to carry non-deadly things like pepper spray to avoid legal issues. They won’t hurt the attacker forever but will help you escape safely and legally.
  • Try not to ask unknown people for directions if you have other options available. If you need help or information, find a police officer, public worker, hotel or gas station.
  • Watch out for cars that keep driving back and forth or drive slowly as they approach you.
  • When you wait for a ride, make sure you stand in a place that is well-lit and easy to notice.
  • Avoid taking quick paths through parks, tunnels, parking lots, or alleys.

If you see a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a bank with someone inside, tell the police to help them stop jugging. Ensure to observe the car, note down the license plate number, and count the number of persons in it. If you want to learn how to stay safe and prevent crimes, you can attend classes at schools, community centres, martial arts centres and hospitals. They will give you more information on how to protect yourself. You can also borrow books about protecting yourself and talk to the police officer in your area who can help prevent crimes.

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