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Drunk in Public: 10 Things to Know

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Have you been arrested for Drunk in Public?

Here are 10 things to know about your case:

1. You are Not Guilty of PC 647(f)

You are not guilty of PC 647(f) if you were simply drunk in public. After all, our whole western civilization has been built and rests on a foundation of liquor as a social lubricant- just look at all the bars and liquor stores around you. To accuse you of this crime, there must an additional allegation that you were unable to care for yourself or others OR you were blocking the street, roadways, or other public sections of your city or town. So if you go out and get drunk at a bar and our walking home without any problems, then you are not guilty of this crime.

2. The Punishment for a Conviction of Drunk in Public

The punishment for PC 647(f) is up to six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine and summary probation. However, in most cases, these punishments are only theoretical and very few people get the maximum. What’s perhaps worse, is the stigma for potential employers, schools or even potential mates of what a conviction for “Drunk in Public” says about you. So there’s many reasons to fight and win your case!

3. You Must Be in a Public Place

If you are drunk in a private residence, or a private party, or your own house or garage you are not guilty of this crime. Unfortunately, some courts have determined that some very private areas- such as your own driveway or even your own yard or porch can be considered a public place. So if you like to sit outside and have a few brewskis under the blue skies, remember the police can spoil your fun.

4. The Police Must Personally Witness You

In the absence of a warrant, the arresting officer generally must witness you commit the crime in their presence. So if someone tells the officer that you are drunk in public or complains about you, and are arrested on that basis alone, you can fight your 647(f) case.

5. You Must be Willfully Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance

So if someone put Rohypnol (commonly known as “roofies”) in your water, you cannot be found guilty of PC 647(f). Does that willful requirement apply to being in a public place? For instance, if you are forced to leave a bar because someone is being assaultive, then there is a case to be made that you did not willfully go into a public place. What if someone throws you out of their car when you are drunk? Are you willfully drunk in public?

6. 647(f) is Not Infractible

The charge of 647(f) is not a wobblette (a “wobblette” is a violation that can be charged as a misdemeanor or an infraction). That’s bad news if you are arrested for 647(f) because it means the judge cannot reduce the charge to an infraction.

7. The “Drunk” Part of Drunk in Public is Very Subjective

Though there is no requirement that the police present a certain objective level of intoxication (such as .08% Blood Alcohol level in a DUI case), this means that it is easy to challenge the police officer’s observations that you were intoxicated or inebriated. It’s ultimately the jury’s or judge’s decision as to what level of intoxication qualifies to find someone guilty of PC 647(f).

8. There are Several Defenses to a Violation of 647(f)

Some commonly used defenses are that 1) you were not in a public place 2) there is not sufficient proof that you were intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance and 3) you were able to care for yourself and 4) you were not obstructing any roadway or street.

9. Early Intervention

With any criminal case, it’s important to hire an attorney as early in the process as possible, and the charge of PC 647(f) is no exception. The earlier you hire an attorney, the better chance you have of winning your case.

10. Related Crimes

Charges of PC 647(f) are sometimes related to PC 415 (disturbing the peace) VC 23152 (Driving under the influence), HS11550 (under the influence of a controlled substance), or PC303a (loitering to purchase alcohol). Often times, PC 647(f) is pled down to PC 415 (disturbing the peace). Our goal is not to plead your case, but to win it outright.

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Gerardo C.

Seppi was amazing, one of the nicest persons I've met. He was very professional and handled my case like so. He assured me from the beginning what he was going to be able to do for me and always was truthful. He always answered my phone calls and when he didn't he would respond to my voicemails promptly as well communicate via text. The fees were very reasonable. I never had to go to court and he fixed everything for me. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Anthony M.

I was facing 2 felony counts which included 2 strikes on my record. Each count was a sentence of 2-4 years in state prison. I was looking at 2 counts which could have sent me to jail for a maximum of 8 years. The DA was trying to offer me a lesser misdemeanor charge and Mr. Esfandi advised me to deny their offer and he assured me of a better outcome. MY CASE WAS DISMISSED! I told my girlfriend this is a blessing from God, and she said no it wasn't, you had a great lawyer! Thank you Seppi for doing an outstanding job. You saved my life!

Evan N.

This was the first time that I had to choose an attorney for anything. I am very thankful that I end up choosing Seppi Esfandi. The outcome of my brothers case was perfect and beyond fair with no jail time! I believe that without Seppi, my brother would had definitely been charged with a felony and served jail time. My family is extremely pleased with the professionalism that the Law Office of Seppi Esfandi had provided during the case. The paralegal, Jorge, was very friendly, professional, and I could immediately tell that they cared about our family situation. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

Courtney M.

I've never been in a situation where I needed a lawyer before. Seppi has been highly communicative, proactive and knowledgeable as well as affordable. He is very personable and listens to you, as well as makes you feel comfortable with the process. I felt such relief after choosing him. The best part? He got my case dismissed! I highly recommend him.

Amber B.

Meeting with Seppi Esfandi was the first step in the right direction after a big setback. He is professional, honest, generous, and has passion for what he does. He quickly and effectively answered every single question I had regarding my case and went above and beyond to help me. Esfandi did not stop fighting for me until he saw results in my case - I am so appreciative and grateful for all of his dedication and passion.

Carrie P.

Seppi was the first attorney I have ever hired and will be the only one I ever hire! My kids father was looking at 4 years prison and he got him down to 180 days and back to probation. So instead of prison time he is staying in county to only serve around 90 days. There were more then one cases and even though Seppi could've have charged more to help extra he made sure the other case was done right. He was very attentive and caring and didn't have very bad pricing considering. Thank you so much Seppi!

Miguel T.

I was facing two felony charges Seppi was able to bring it down to a 1 misdemeanor, the other charge was dropped, i did not have to do any jail time and I did not have register. I'm very pleased with Seppi's help and also Jorge who was there from the day I called. I would highly recommend Seppi if you are in need of any legal help.

Cindy F.

Seppi and Shaun were by far the nicest people I have dealt with. I had a complicated situation with terrible prosecutors thinking just because I had a DUI, it automatically makes me a loser, a drunk, a terrible person - we all make mistakes. Seppi was able to get my case dismissed at one courthouse, and at the second was able to have me get the minimum sentence. I was scared from the get-go, but he was very supportive, especially after my mom passed. I would recommend Seppi and the Firm to my family/friends (heaven forbid they ever end up in my situation).

Britney D.

Seppi was awesome. He will answer his phone at 10pm on a Saturday or any other time you need him. The decision to hire him was obvious. I've never been in legal trouble before and he made me feel very comfortable and assured throughout the entire situation. I actually relocated to northern California before the case ended and he was able to handle everything for me from a distance. I did not have to fly back to LA once. As far as LA lawyers go I found him priced at the going rate and money very well spent. I cannot not speak for more serious offenders, but for my situation, it was perfect.

Johanna D.

Seppi was great. He helped me get through one of the most stressful and frightening moments in my life. He answered nearly every question I had & if he was unable to answer at the moment, he made sure to follow-up with me as soon as he had the answer and/or information I needed. Since this was my first time ever in a legal situation, I was scared and confused. Seppi definitely helped me get through it. With his willingness to listen to me and with his expertise, I felt comforted & at ease knowing I had his assistance.

Amanda P.

Seppi is the best lawyer!! I was charged with a felony and he told me that it was a felony strike but that he would work hard for me. I knew to get him on my case because of the way he presented himself, i could tell he was a good lawyer. my case got dismissed after he went to court with me a few times. I am so thankful to Seppi for helping me.

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