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50 Most Dangerous Areas in Los Angeles for Violent Crime

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Above, the 15 most violent LA neighborhoods are in red

All of the most violent neighborhoods in LA County are just to the east of Inglewood. Inglewood itself however, is not represented due to lack of crime data provided by the police. It is safe to say that parts of Inglewood are also not safe, with safer parts scattered about.

As you can see in the list below, after the first 20, the rate of violent crime drops to more moderate levels.

The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

South Los Angeles is the most dangerous area of LA

Below are the top 50 areas with the most violent crimes (per capita) in Los Angeles County from Sept. 19, 2016 to March 19, 2017. The total number of crimes within this time period are also included. The denser the population, the higher the ‘Total’.

Click on each neighborhood below to see real-time daily crime statistics:

RankNeighborhoodPer CapitaTotal
1 Chesterfield Square 183.3 117
2 Harvard Park 129.5 141
3 Vermont Knolls 128.4 277
4 Vermont Vista 127.4 317
5 Green Meadows 118.5 362
6 Vermont-Slauson 117.4 333
7 Leimert Park 109.7 135
8 Gramercy Park 107.4 120
9 Broadway-Manchester 105.4 272
10 Westmont 100.7 317
11 Athens 95.6 87
12 Rancho Dominguez 95.0 24
13 Manchester Square 93.3 113
14 Florence 92.3 430
15 Watts 88.7 364
16 Vermont Square 81.2 386
17 Hyde Park 79.3 308
18 Elysian Park 79.0 21
19 South Park 76.4 251
20 West Compton 71.6 39
21 West Adams 70.0 160
22 Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw 68.8 221
23 Exposition Park 65.5 219
24 Historic South-Central 60.2 316
25 Central-Alameda 59.6 260
26 Willowbrook 59.1 203
27 Hollywood 57.6 492
28 Compton 55.9 528
29 Jefferson Park 53.9 131
30 Rancho Park 50.5 23
31 Harvard Heights 48.0 97
32 Florence-Firestone 44.4 267
33 Downtown 43.2 897
34 Fairfax 41.9 56
35 Pico-Union 41.9 187
36 Westlake 41.7 491
37 Cypress Park 41.5 45
38 East Pasadena 41.4 25
39 Adams-Normandie 40.0 74
40 East Compton 38.4 53
41 Wilmington 36.9 201
42 Boyle Heights 36.0 357
43 Lincoln Heights 34.4 102
44 East Hollywood 34.3 268
45 Lancaster 34.1 412
46 West Hollywood 33.9 121
47 Koreatown 33.7 419
48 Carthay 33.2 17
49 Venice 33.0 135
50 Lennox 32.7 75

(Data via LA Times Data Desk)

Types of Violent & Property Crimes

There are essentially 2 main types of felony crimes, and specific crimes within those two that are by far the most common crimes committed in the neighborhoods listed above. More serious crimes such as Homicide and Rape are significantly less common.

  1. Violent Crimes: Mostly Robbery, Assault and Battery.
  2. Property Crimes: Mostly Burglary, Grand Theft.


In 2016, 290 people were killed in the city of Los Angeles. From 2015, robberies were up by 13%, and aggravated assaults were up by 10%. Overall, violent crime was up by 10% over 2015, and 38% over 2014. Despite this recent increase in violence, if you compare the numbers to a decade ago, violent crime is down by about 45%.

Homicides in LA from 2005 to 2016

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[2] http://maps.latimes.com/neighborhoods/violent-crime/neighborhood/list/

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