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Drug Diversion

Who’s Eligible for Prop 36?

Proposition 36, also known as Drug Diversion, is an alternative sentencing option for a non-violent, personal use, drug charge. You are only eligible for Prop 36 if you plead guilty to the charges against you and the case doesn’t go to trial.  Proposition 36 is a form of probation where you are forced to complete a court-approved drug treatment program without any violations. The program will include drug education, outpatient services, detox and aftercare services.

Judges are likely to grant Proposition 36 when they feel like a defendant has a drug problem and that incarceration will not be as beneficial as drug treatment. Luckily in Southern California a lot of judges approve of the program and are likely to grant Proposition 36 in lieu of a jail or prison sentence.

If you are arrested for:

Then you are not eligible for Drug Diversion.

 However, if your criminal defense attorney can make a deal with the prosecutor and have your charges reduced to either:

  • California Health and Safety Code 11350 – Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • California Health and Safety Code 11357 – Possession of Less Than 1oz of Marijuana
  • California Health and Safety Code 11550 – Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance

Then you will become eligible for Drug Diversion.

If you successfully complete Prop 36 without any violations then the charges will be dropped from your record as if they were never filed. However, if you are granted Prop 36 and you violate the terms of the agreement then you will be subjugated to a jail or prison sentence.

Other factors that will make you ineligible for Prop 36 are:

  • If you have one or more prior violent felony conviction
  • If you were simultaneously convicted of a non-drug related misdemeanor or felony
  • If when you were arrested you had a deadly weapon
  • If you have previously participated in Prop 36 twice before
  • If you refuse drug treatment as a condition of your probation term

It’s clear that there are benefits to Proposition 36 and if you are facing drug related charges then it’s imperative to talk to a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to see if Drug Diversion is an option for you.

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How to Win Your Case

We cannot stress enough that you read, understand and follow these 10 basic rules if you are criminally charged or under investigation:

  1. Don’t ever talk to the police
  2. Do not discuss your case with anyone
  3. Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential
  4. Tell police you need to contact your attorney
  5. Never consent to any search by the police
  6. If the police knock on your door, don't answer!
  7. Realize the consequences of a criminal conviction
  8. Your lawyer (not you) will contact any witnesses
  9. Information on your cell phone is evidence
  10. Early Intervention is the key

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